Photo Journal: Mountain Biking Washington

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July 15th, 2019

In June 2019, we offered a special 7-day singletrack mountain bike ride in beautiful Washington State. The ride explored ancient Pacific Northwest rainforests and the beautiful Cascade mountain range. Home to giant Douglas firs, Orca whales, bald eagles, wild white-water rivers, strong coffee, countless IPA's and unbelievable mountain biking - The riding in Washington is not easily equalled, nor is the awesome tight-knit mountain bike community. There is also more world-class mountain bike trails than you can shake a dropper post at.


Thinking about mountain biking in Washington and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest? Our inaugural Washington mountain bike trip went so well, we're bringing it back for 2020. Join us for the trip of a lifetime on our Wild and Sacred Seattle ride and check out the photos below to whet your mountain bike appetite.

The week started with a warm-up ride that finished at the Evergreen Mountain Bike Festival. The festival is organized and sponsored by the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance,a non-profit organization with eight chapters representing 1000's of riders. Evergreen is committed to sustainable recreation, advocacy, education, trail maintenance and trail building. It was awesome to see a strong and vibrant mountain bike community in action. The festival was held at the Duthie Mountain Bike Park, home to an impressive array of handbuilt mountain bike trails outfitted with incredible features, including boardwalks, skinnies and drop zones. After browsing the festival booths (which included oogling over brand new bikes and gear from Giant, Pivot, Norco and more), we enjoyed sessioning various drops with the guidance of Matt and John, our local Sacred Rides guides.

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On Day 2, we ventured to our guides favourite local trail network at Tiger Mountain. Home to machine and hand-built singletrack, a lot of sweat and many hours went into building this incredible trail network (a big thank you to the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance). After a long gradual climb, we were rewarded with stunning views of Mount Rainier in the distance and a delicious trailside picnic lunch. It was all downhill after lunch, as we hit up fun flowy and technical singletrack that left us smiling and eager for more. Of course, no mountain bike ride is complete without a cold post-ride beverage and the cooler was full of local brews, white wine and coconut water to quench our thirst.

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Day 3 brought big ancient trees, remote wilderness and adventurous singletrack. We ventured to the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River and climbed up a backcountry road to incredible mountain views. After stopping for a riverside snack, our local Guides, John and Matt, provided some tips for descending and cornering for the group to practice on the descent. We were rewarded with a singletrack descent that followed a pristine river, complete with waterfalls, stunning river crossings and a few hike-a-bike sections over downed trees from the winter - all part of the adventure! A couple of brave souls cooled off in the glacial river (brrrrrr!) after the ride.

Next up? We enjoyed lunch in an old-growth forest surrounded by giant trees .

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The ride on Day 4 climbed high into the alpine and explored the snow-capped Cascade Mountains. Snow angels, snowball fights and river crossings ensued. To finish the day, we checked into a stunning house and enjoyed a family-style meal, hot tub and pool.

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On Day 5, we ventured to the old mining town of Roslyn which has revived itself with an impressive mountain bike scene. The quaint one block main street has all the ingredients for an incredible mountain bike town... a bike shop, awesome cafe, and a pub for post-ride.

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We completed two incredible rides on Day 6. First up, a famous Washington classic - the Devil's Gulch trail. A 19 km trail that descends1,400 metres... yes, please!


Our second ride was based out of Leavenworth, Washington. Leavenworth was put on the map after the city council decided to give the town a Bavarian theme. All the buildings, signage and businesses bought into the idea and now it's kind of like Bavarian Disneyland!& After a quick lunch stop to enjoy some Bavarian sausages, we suited up for an afternoon ride that took us to viewpoints overlooking the Cascades and the town below.

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On the last day of the trip, we did a morning ride at Raging River outside of Seattle. After a long gradual climb, we were rewarded with stunning views of Mount Rainier and an extremely fun, flowy, bermy descent.

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After 7 days of mountain biking in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, we took a moment to reflect on the amazing week. We came to mountain bike, but we left with so much more. - new friends from around the world, a deeper appreciation for the natural world and a renewed sense of adventure.



Here's to many more adventures. Where will your mountain bike take you next?



CLICK HERE  for more information on our Wild and Sacred Seattle ride.