Review: Armour For Your Next MTB Adventure?

g-form, mtb protection, mountain bike gear, mountain bike accessories, mountain bike travel
August 20th, 2019

It's inevitable, if you mountain bike you will eventually take a spill. And, fingers crossed that when it does happen it's a slow-speed, low consequence tumble that you can walk (or ride) away from. Hopefully, there will be minor bruising, both to your ego and your body! After all, there's the old adage (which I will attest to), "if you're not crashing, you're not learning."   So, when you do crash, why not be prepared? 


I have always been a big fan of wearing protective gear. It provides peace of mind when riding new trails that push my comfort zone as well as trails that I've ridden a thousand times, especially since I find that my worst crashes are usually when I least expect it... and on the same trails I've ridden a thousand times.


I recently tested the G-form knee pads, elbow pads and mountain bike gloves which use RPT padding. What the heck does that mean?


RPT (Reactive Protective Technology) was patented by G-form and it allows pads to stay soft and only harden on impact, to ensure we don't have to compromise movement for protection. But, how does it perform and feel on the trail?


g-form, mountain bike gear, mountain bike accessories, mountain bike travel


g-form pro trail gloves

mountain bike armour, mountain bike gear, mountain bike protection


  • RPT knuckle and finger padded protection in case you clip your bars or make friends with a tree.

  • Not super heavy or hot, ideal for 3-season riding in the great white north.

  • Durable with perforations for breathability.

  • Index finger tips and thumbs feature smartphone friendly material to make trailside photos quick and easy.

  • Machine- washable.

  • At $49.99 USD, they're not cheap but also reasonably priced for the technology and comfort behind them. From my experience, there are more expensive gloves with fewer features!

  • I ordered a Small and they fit according the G-form online sizing chart.


  • I like gloves with extra padding on the palms. I'm prone to 'death grip' (a bad habit I'm trying to break), so search for gloves with thicker material across the palms.


G-Form pro-x knee pads

mountain bike gear, mountain bike accessories


  • Normally, I don't like cilmbing with knee pads on, but the G-form pads are lightweight and flexible, keeping their comfort on the climbs.

  • I tested the durability of the pads with a few (unplanned!) crashes and the pads definitely prevented scraps and bruises.

  • The pads don't slip down your leg while riding.

  • Machine-washable.


  • The pads are pull-up style, which means you'll have to remove your shoes to put them on. On the rainy west coast of B.C. this isn't super convenient.

  • I ordered a size small based on the online sizing chart and would recommend ordering one size bigger. The pads were a little too tight (to the point of being uncomfortable) around my thighs.


g-form pro-x elbow pads


  • Lightweight, flexible and durable so you don't have to compromise movement for protection.

  • No pinching when you bend your arms.

  • Machine-washable.


  • It's not that easy to pull the pads on and off. For this reason, it's best to  them on at the beginning of your ride, especially if you're wearing a long-sleeved jersey .

  • I ordered an extra small, based on the sizing chart on the G-form website. I would recommend going up a size in the elbow pads to ensure comfort.


what protective gear do you wear on the trails?