Fall Mountain Bike Gear for Women

mountain bike gear for women
October 15th, 2019

If you’re anything like me, as the temperatures get cooler, the sunsets earlier and the leaves start falling, it becomes harder to stay motivated to hit the trails. But, mountain biking through the cooler fall season is one of the best times to ride. The trails are tacky, the leaves are changing colour and it beats riding in the heat of the summer.


The key to successfully mountain biking throughout the fall season is to be prepared with the proper gear before, during and after the ride.


Here are 10 essential mountain bike gear items (for women) that will keep you pedalling throughout the fall:


1. patagonia down sweater

Before, During & After the Ride

Throw this warm, durable and insulated jacket on top of your mountain bike clothes and you’ll stay warm until you’re ready to pedal to the trailhead. The jacket compresses into the inner zippered pocket, so if you’re going for a longer ride it fits easily into your hydration pack. Throw the jacket on during longer trailside snack breaks and stay warm until you’re ready to ride again.

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2. yeti tumbler mug 

Before & After The Ride

Mountain biking isn’t the only activity to love in the fall. It’s also one of the best times of year to enjoy your favourite hot beverage. Make a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate before heading to the trailhead, pour it into your thermal Yeti mug and it’ll probably stay warm until you’re done the ride. There are different sizes and designs to choose from, but I personally like the Yeti 20 oz Tumbler.

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3. Sombrio flannel silhouette riding shirt 

During the Ride

Mountain bikers seem to have a wide array of flannel shirts to sport on the trail and fall is the perfect time to button them up. The Sombrio riding shirt has a great design. With armpit ventilation, an invisible stow-away pocket, chest pocket and a bike light loop it’s the perfect layer for fall rides.   Plus, it looks pretty cool!

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4. shredly long MTB short 

During the Ride

Comfort, function and style come together with the Shredly Long MTB short. The longer style shorts are perfect for fall riding for added warmth and protection, and they fit well with knee pads. They are equipped with a side pocket, plus they come in a variety of awesome patterns.

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5. smartwool cycling socks

During the Ride

In colder temperatures, merino wool will be your best friend. Merino wool fibres help regulate body temperature, wicks sweat away from your body and will keep your toes warm even if your sock gets wet. If you have the option between merino wool and cotton socks - go with merino! You’ll finish a ride with cozy toes.

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6. sombrio squall 2 windebreaker

During the Ride

This lightweight, breathtable windbreaker is perfect for cooler days on the trail.   It's easy to put on and take off   while your helmet is still on, and it features a  pack and stow pocket that allows you to turn the jacket into a fanny pack.   If you're going for a quick fall ride or a long epic, this is the perfect item to bring. 

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7. sealskinz waterproof all weather glove

Keeping your extremities (fingers and toes) warm during a fall ride is your first step to success.   The Sealskinz  Waterproof glove  will protect your hands from the wind and the extra packaging will offer up protection for your palms.   When the termperatures  plummet, these gloves will be your best friend.   

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8. lezyne power drive 1100i light

During the Ride

A high-performance multi-purpose LED light in a compact, durable body, Lezyne’s Power Drive 1100I packs a big punch in a small, portable package. With 1100 lumens, an easy-to-mount strap and a long-lasting battery, this light should always find a home in your pack once days start getting shorter.

9. lightweight merino wool buff

During the Ride

Buff's can be used in a variety of ways,   which makes it a great item to carry in your pack all year round.   If you start to feel a chill,    wear it as a scarf or a headband under your helmet to cover your ears.   The lightweight merino wool version provides a great fall   durable, warm, wind-resistant option for the fall.   

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10. dakine tall boy heather beanie

After the Ride

Once your helmet comes off,   hide your helmet hair and stay warm with a stylish slouched beanie from Dakine.   

mountain bike gear for women


wherever you're riding this fall, make sure you're prepared with the proper gear.