Meet the Sacred Rides Team

December 5th, 2013

Our guides are a breed of their own: part coaches, motivational speakers, story tellers, first aiders, mechanics, group facilitators and local knowledge gurus – they have an admirable set of people skills, a meticulous sense of organization and an unyielding willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. Some are gourmet chefs, others are certified yoga instructors and the odd one can put you to bed with their guitar.


And oh yeah, they not only know how to seriously ride a bike, they know how to coach, instruct and give helpful pointers along the way.


We're extra picky about who we bring on board, and feel incredibly fortunate to say that get to work with a solid crew of people each gifted with the following qualities:

• A kickass attitude to life

• A damn good sense of humour

• A profound need to make a difference in their work and in the world

• An infectious amount of energy

• Extremely professional

• An unrelenting dedication to customer service

• Solutions-focused, with an eye towards preventing rather than remedying

• Highly empathetic, with near limitless reserves of patience

• Excellent knowledge of bike mechanics


As amazing and spectacular as each of our destinations are, it's our guides and support staff who make the experiences what they are: sacred. CLICK HERE to view our team of 40+ dedicated mountain bikers who make it all possible: