Must Watch: Inspirational Mountain Bike Videos

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May 16th, 2019

Here is a collection of six inspiring mountain bike videos that will motivate you to hit the trails.  From  youth trail building initiatives in the Yukon to  81-year old mountain bikers that shred, there are extraordinary everyday people in our global mountain bike community that will inspire you to give back, ride and foster positivity. 


1. a relatonship wth cyclng: Alf 

Meet Alf. He turns 81 this year. After a cancer scare a few years ago he took up mountain biking. He now rides three times a week and judging by the way he was riding away from us on the trails of Cannock Chase, he won't be stopping anytime soon.



A half-hour documentary about the aboriginal youth from Carcross, Yukon who have converted traditional trails around their community into a world-class mountain biking destination - and transformed themselves along the way.


3. north of nightfall

On a remote island in the high arctic, freeride mountain biker riders Darren Berrecloth, Carson Storch, Cam Zink and Tom van Steenbergen take on mountain bike lines unlike anything ridden to date. In this compilation of the best riding from the film, watch these elite athletes work to progress the sport of mountain biking in a previously unridden landscape.


4. high school mountan biking is blowing up

There are over 18,500 kids currently racing mountain bikes on over 1000 teams in 25 state leagues in the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. Under NICA's leadership, organized interscholastic cycling is helping both today's youth and adult coaches become healthier and more engaged members of their communities. We had the opportunity to visit a race at the private Trek Trails in Waterloo, Wisconsin and experience the movement first hand.


5. rising: roots with kate courtney

Despite her young age of 23, Kate Courtney belongs on the list of the most influential cyclists. Kate inspires people inside and outside mountain biking through authentic character and perseverance as an athlete. Each chapter will take a personalized look at Kate’s journey so far and goals to come as she looks towards the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.


6. biking while paralyzed 

Topher Downham is a total badass. An accident paralyzed him in 1995, but that didn't stop him from his passion for getting outdoors and enjoying Mother Nature. In this video, he goes on a 13-mile ride on a handcycle. We learn quickly that it's kinda tough...but so fun!