Gift Guide For Mountain Bikers

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November 20th, 2018

Today's guest post if from Joey with at Cool of the Wild.


There’s a ton of great mountain biking gear out there. Despite that, buying gifts for mountain bikers isn’t as easy as you may think. Gear is either insanely expensive, too technical to really know what the best option is, or if it’s really essential then the gift recipient will probably already have it.


So, to help ensure you get a gift worth giving, we’ve put together a list of unique gifts for mountain bikers that are super useful and hopefully aren’t too expensive, too technical or already owned!

17 gifts for mountain bikers 

1. glower t-shirt

If you’re after really unique gifts for mountain bikers then grab a gorgeous Glower garment. Designed for mountain bikers, by mountain bikers Glower’s designs are quirky, cool and original, and are available in men’s and women’s t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts. We especially love their t-shirts which are made of 100% organic cotton and printed with Phthalate-free ink. The perfect gift for eco-conscious bikers.


Check out Glower. 

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2. my medic the solo - first aid essentials 

There’s no getting away from it, mountain bikers tend to be a reckless bunch. And even the most cautious of riders are guaranteed to take a spill at some point in their biking career. So what better gift for your mountain biking loved one than a mini first aid kit? A gentle reminder to only do ambitious/stupid stuff that can be fixed with a few simple and basic first aid supplies. The Solo also comes in a mega durable carry case that will hold up as well as your rider will to the bumps and grinds of life on the downhill trail. 


Check out Huckleberry 


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3. crankbrothers multi-tool 

Sure, it may seem a little utilitarian to give as a gift, but mountain bikers LOVE fiddling with their bikes. So much so that they’ll genuinely love receiving a bike tool as useful as the Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool. It has 19, yes 19(!) different functions, including a universal chain tool, 7 hex wrenches and 4 screwdriver heads. As multi-tools go, it’s a pretty sleek-looking bit of kits made even more desirable by its stainless steel storage flask. This is designed to protect the tool and other gear when stuffed into a pack during big days on the trail. 


Check out Worldwide Cyclery .


gifts for mountain bikers


4. make a donation to bikes without borders

Tis the season for giving! Share your passion for bikes by   giving someone else on the other side of the globe the opportunity to   ride.   Bikes Without Borders   is a federally-registered charity, using bikes and bike-related solutions as tools for development in marginalized communities around the world. We believe in the bicycle as a means of increasing access to vital health services, economic opportunity, educational empowerment and independence. We serve marginalized individuals and communities where bikes and bike-related solutions can have a significant, positive impact on community development by providing bicycles, repair and maintenance training and program support to residents through partnerships with local community and social welfare organizations.  


Support Bikes Without Borders HERE

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5. giro dnd gloves 

Available in a load of different colours, designs and sizes, these Giro DND Gloves make wonderfully useful yet unique gifts for mountain bikers. With reinforced fingertips and flex zones at the knuckles, riders can enjoy sensitive and unrestricted brake control. And when the going gets too tough, or the adrenaline starts flowing in floods, the moisture wicking mesh uppers deal with excess sweat with no problems. The palms are made of supple suede for a durable and comfortable grip that is sticky and reliable. A much loved, high performing mountain biking glove.


Check out Worldwide Cyclery .

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6. smith optics forefront bike helmet 

The award-winning Forefront Bike Helmet by Smith Optics is one of the best bike helmets around, and a superb gift for mountain bikers who throw caution to the wind when out on the trail!  It features advanced MIPs technology that reduces rotational motion to the brain during impact (rotational motion can cause brain injuries). As well as being an incredibly effective noggin protector it also incredibly lightweight with unrivalled airflow, comfort and breathability. But most importantly it will help protect your loved one from nasty head-related injuries.


Check out  Amazon. 

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7. monsoth mini bike pump

At only 82g (2.9oz) the Mosonth Mini Bike Pump may be the most lightweight pump you’ll ever lay your hands on. And at 12.4cm (4.9in) long, it may also be the smallest. They say great things come in small packages, and with the ability to create up to 160PSI of pressure this exceptionally efficient pump is no exception. It comes with a bracket for mounting onto your bike and is compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves. It also looks rather dashing making it an ideal stocking filler.


Check out   Amazon. 

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8. showers pass waterproof crosspoint socks

The only thing worse than cold hands on the trail is cold, soggy feet. And when your mountain biking pals insist on heading out right through the wettest and muddiest times of the year the only thing worse than cold, soggy feet is hearing them complain about it! So shut them up for good by giving them a pair of socks as a gift that they’ll actually really love you for. Made from polyester and nylon, these Showers Pass socks are completely waterproof AND breathable. No more numbness, no more sogginess and no more complaining!


Check out REI.


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9. exposure joystick mk12 headlight

Some mountain bikers aren’t content with waiting until the weekend for their next biking fix. I mean what could be better than a midweek sunset session? I couldn’t agree more. So when the weather turns and the evenings draw in you’ll need to light your own path to keep the weeknight adventures alive. Mount this mega powerful Exposure Joystick Mk12 Headlight onto your helmet and you’ll be cruising the trails right through the night, if you fancy. It pumps out an impressive 1000 lumens of blindingly bright light for an hour and a half, and is also exceptionally lightweight. Could this be one of the greatest gifts for mountain bikers ever?!


Check out   Amazon


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10. park tool mb-1 magnetic parts bowl 

A magnetic bowl is a mega useful gift for bike tinkerers, fixers and riders alike. At 15cm (6in) in diameter, and available only in world famous Park Tool blue, this bowl provides a safe place for all those odds and ends and small bike parts to hang out together. Knock it over and the strong internal magnetic will have something to stay about it — no spillages here! It’s good looks also make it a superb gift option for those whose bike workshops tend to creep into the house.


Check out   Amazon


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11. kustomcaps sugar skull headset cap

Brighten up even the most serious of bike setups with these fun little headset caps. Made of aluminium and with a cool and quirky laser-etched design the caps are an ideal little gift to brighten up the toughest uphill slogs of your rider mates. And for a little more customization you can opt for a 30mm anodized bolt of their favourite colour. Just good clean joyous fun!


Check out   Amazon

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12. crankbox fuel monthly subscription

This Fuel box by Crankbox is the ideal gift for the mountain biker in your life who already has everything. It’s a monthly subscription box that delivers fuel for before, during and after big rides out on the trail. Sifting through all the possible riding snacks and energy gels and then deciding which you want is a time consuming and laborious task. But Crankbox take away the faff and instead deliver a range of yummy gels, bars, powdered energy drinks and… jelly beans right to the door of the energy-hungry recipient.


Check out Crankbox. 

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13. cuff daddy bike chain cufflinks

Shiny, sleek and grease-free, these Cuff-Daddy Bike Chain Cufflinks are one of the best mountain bike gifts for Dad. High pressure meetings, lunches with boss or yet another late night of schmoozing. No matter the occasion, a quick glance down at these classy cufflinks will ignite the spirit of adventure and bring your pops right back down to earth. They are a perfect, yet subtle reminder of what life’s really about.


Check out Amazon. 


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14. the mountain are calling stainless steel tumbler

A big day riding the trails should always be followed by a session of serious rehydration. Could there be a more appropriate vessel to guzzle from than this gorgeous tumbler? I heard that ice cold beer tastes best out of the tumblers’ cool edges of stainless steel. But only after rehydrating, right?! Fill it with whatever you please, sit back and enjoy the afterglow of an epic day and drink up the inspiration for more of the same, offered by outside (and inside) of your cup.


Check out United by Blue. 


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15. go pro hero 6 

The ultimate gift for mountain bikers can only be the ability to record just how rad they are on a bike! And with the most advanced video stabilization yet, the GoPro HERO6 is THE best option for capturing super smooth footage of big drops, fast corners, tricks and huge airs. It is fully waterproof and mountable to bikes, people or helmets. Plus, the HERO6 automatically sends footage to your phone ready for instant post-ride editing. Go on, GoPro!


Check out   Amazon


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16. bespoke trail map

Whether it’s to reminisce on a past biking adventure or as inspiration for the next big route, a framed trail map is sure to be one of the most unique gifts for mountain bikers available. These custom made maps feature foil printing on soft touch velvet paper for a highly treasured and meaningful piece of art. Simply upload a Strava route or GPS file, and that ride to remember will be hard to forget once it’s mounted on the wall. 


Check out   Trail Map. 


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Give the gift of adventure this holiday season! If you’re pulling your hair out trying to find the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for your mountain biking partner, friend or family member - look no further! Share the mountain biking love by giving a Sacred Rides gift certificate.   Gift certificates are available in any demonination, simply get in touch with us at or   CLICK HERE   to purhcase a pre-set amount.   They can be applied to any ride and never expire! 


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We hope our ideas for unique gifts for mountain bikers fits the bill, and that whoever you’re buying for loves you all the more taking the time to pick something they’ll use and enjoy.


About the Author:  

Joey is based in Cornwall, UK, and runs Cool of the Wild. She can’t get enough of being outdoors – whether that’s lounging around the campfire cooking up a feast, hitting the trail in her running shoes, or attempting to conquer the waves on her surfboard – she lives for it. Camping is what she loves to do the most, but has also spent many many hours clinging to the side of a rock face, cycling about the place, cruising the ski-slopes on her snowboard and hiking small mountains and big hills.