61 Recommended Items to Pack for A Multi-Day Mountain Bike Trip

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June 3rd, 2016

If you're heading to Nepal on our Treasures of the Himalaya trip, you will be lucky enough to meet our Lead Guide, Mandil Pradhan. Mandil lives and breathes mountain biking. He is a seasoned international mountain bike traveler,  a strong advocate for mountain bike tourism in Nepal and has explored  countless kilometres of singletrack throughout Kathmandu and the Mustang Valley region. He believes a successful mountain bike trip has a lot to do with the items you pack, and how prepared you are for the journey ahead.


Most recently, Mandil has packed his bags, mountain bike and sense of adventure to explore another amazing mountain bike destination, and experience our Inca Trail All-Mountain trip in Peru.

Here are Mandil's top recommendations on what to pack for a multi-day mountain bike trip...


Mandil Recommends: Sherpa Adventure Gear, The Sock Guy, Five Ten

1.  4 sets of riding jerseys and shorts

2. Cotton T-Shirts

Gotta look good off the bike! 

3. Khaki Trousers

Can double up as comfortable hiking trousers, if needed.

4. Performance Base Layers

For those hot, sweaty rides.

5. Merino Base Layer

You can never go wrong with Merino wool.

6. Fleece Sweaters and Trousers  

For when the mercury drops. Great to sleep in. 

7. Waterproofs (Jacket and Shorts) 

Remember, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear :)

8. Down Jacket

If you're heading to the mountains, the weather can be unpredictable - be prepared.

9. Merino Beanie

10. Merino Socks

They won't smell after a few days, and they dry very quickly.

11. Riding shoes

Comfortable riding shoes. There is a time and place for carbon fibre, but shoe soles isn't one of them.

12. Non-Riding Shoes

Shoes that are comfortable to walk/hike in and could double up as riding shoes if needed.

13. Slippers

be prepared to hike to the bathroom, depending on the type of trip you're on... it could be far away.

14. Baseball Hat

Prime logo real estate.

15. camping towel

16. essential toiletries

category 2 ---> riding gear

17. full face helmet 

If required.

18. Open Face Helmet

Mandil recommends: Met Helmets.

19. Goggles

If required.

20. Sunglasses

21. buff/scarf

To protect from the elements, including sun, wind and the dust of 8 other riders shredding in front of you.

22. hydration pack

At least 3 litre capacity.

23. Full size pedal wrench/allen key

It’s always best to take a full sized tool to take off the pedals - they can be ridiculously hard to do with a mini tool.

24. Mini allen tool set

25. Tyre levers

26. leatherman pocket knife

27. roll of toilet paper

Just in case!

28. spare derailleur hangers

29. snack bars/gels

30. knee pads

31. lube

32. spare derailleur and shifters 

These things are easy to break and difficult to find when you’re traveling in an exotic location.

33. spare tubes + puncture repair kit

34. ultralight hammock 

What better way to relax mid or post ride?   It can also be used as an emergency shelter if needed.

Mandil Recommends: Himalayan Hammock

35. full finger gloves 

Half finger gloves simply don’t offer enough protection.

36. first aid kit

37. sleeping bag

You won’t understand the value of one until you have to use it. They’re a bit bulky but worth taking on every outdoor trip, regardless of whether you’re camping or not.

38. water bottle

39. mini pump

Be as self-sufficient as possible.

40. lock 

Imagine losing your bike in a foreign country - especially when you've gone there to ride!

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category 3 ---> electronics and gadgets

41. laptop

Because every one wants to view reruns of GoPro footage every evening. It's also a good idea to upload all your photos onto your laptop every evening to clear out your SD cards.

42. gopro and accessories

Remember the essential mounts, and of course, the monopod.

43. wallet and passport

You won't be going far without it!

44. case for electronics

Because all the gadgets can get real messy in your backpack.

45. camera

46. gorillapod

For those times when you don’t have anyone to take your photo, or for the perfect group photo with everyone in it. Check out the Gorillapod!

47. portable hard drive

With space coming at a premium on most computers these days, chances are that all the GoPro footage is probably not going to fit in your 256GB ultrabook.

48. usb battery back-up

Don’t count on the power when you’re traveling - specially in mountainous region.

49. universal power adapter

50. wrist watch

I’m a bit old fashion that way, I never leave home without a watch on my wrist.

51. light weight travel scale

Every pound matters when you’re in a constant battle against the airlines.

52. night riding light

Because night riding is fun, and things don’t always go according to plan.

53. smartphone

54. sturdy phone case

Preferably waterproof with a built in extra battery.

55. satelite phone

Because sh*t can hit the fan! You might have a multi-million dollar insurance plan, but it's no good if you can’t get them to come and rescue you.

56. map + GPS

May be not required for guided mountain bike trips, but it’s always interesting to know where you are and where you’re going.

57. cable organizer

All those cables, chargers and adapters need to stay untangled somehow.

58. messenger bag

Surprisingly all the items above will fit in 1 regular sized messenger bag.

category 4 (The most important) ---> a bike 

59.  bike

A fully serviced bike, preferably by a mechanic, with any potential problematic part replaced.  New tyres, brakepads, bled brakes and dropper post, and serviced suspension.

Mandil Recommends: Yeti Cycles.

category 5 ---> the luggage

60. airline friendly bags

One thing I always do is make sure that my helmet, pedals and riding shoes go in a different bag than my bike. This is so that in case the airline decides to delay my bike bag (due to the size), I can still hop in on a high quality rental and feel relatively comfortable.

Mandil Recommends: Evoc

61. your sense of adventure

for quality gear to support your next mountain bike adventure, check out...

    Sherpa Adventure Gear
    Five Ten
    Sock Guy
    Met Helmets
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