Photo Journal: Cusco to the Amazon, Peru

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January 28th, 2015

Riding by fields of vibrant red Quinoa. Passing through remote villages where Quechua (the language of the Incas) is still the main language spoken. Watching the sun rise over the white-capped Andes with camp coffee in hand. Climbing the twisting mountain side backroads of the Amazon to a cabin tucked far and away.


My first week of “work” with Sacred Rides back in June 2014 is still very fresh in my mind - a memorable week worth sharing with fellow globe-trotting-adventure-enthusiasts like you.  


It went something like this…


Waiting patiently by my phone, I received the call on a Monday morning:


“Meagan, I regret to inform...the other candidates that you have been selected for the position with Sacred Rides.”


From lightning-fast low to dizzying high, I immediately accepted.


Tuesday’s team “meeting” was at the trailhead of 3 Stage, a technical set of rocky and rooty trails just outside the town of Collingwood, Ontario, where I met our crew for the first time.  


A shot of Pisco (Peru's national drink) later - a foreshadow to where my week was headed - we had hit the trails on what would be one of many adventures my future would hold with sacred rides. 


A seed I had planted in the interview process - attending an Explorer trip to understand what it entails - came to fruition.  I was told that Friday (4 days from that moment) I was heading off to Peru.  


Wednesday led me to the Travel Medical Clinic for vaccinations and shots outdated from my childhood, Thursday I was borrowing a bike box (which is still sitting in my garage - sorry Robb!).


By Friday I was on a plane to Lima, Peru for an 11 day mountain bike adventure from Cusco to the Amazon and everywhere in between.


With 10-time Peruvian National Downhill Champion, Wayo Stein, as our Lead Guide, we did a little more than shots of Pisco (although we may have done a few of those as well).


A special shout out to my fellow riders  of the June 2014 Cusco to the Amazon trip.  An experience for my memory books!  

Top  image, from left to right: Maurice, Marcus, Zita, James, Miguel, Meagan, Wayo and Russo.   Behind the camera was fellow rider Kathleen. 


I encourage you to take a few moments to scroll through the images from my incredible journey that took me from Ontario to the Amazon. 

Ontario to the Amazon, may the packing begin!  


Even in the hills of Cusco, there are business lessons to be learned. This photo cost me a "Sublime Bar".


I eat it for breakfast every single morning. Never would I have guessed Quinoa is this incredibly beautiful!


Miguel and Kathleen, taking it all in.


Meh, just resting up by this ancient Peruvian ruin. No big deal. 


Kathleen pushing hard to the top. 




Assistant Guide, Russo, and I ripping the descent! Oh, did I mention Russo is 5-time Peruvian Cross Country Champion? Yep, this dude has some serious lungs and legs.


Salt Mines near Maras. This place was unreal. 


A perfect backdrop for a picnic lunch.


Riding through ancient tombs. 


One of the many unique and remote cabins we rest up in. 


The market near the Machu Picchu train station.   


Machu Picchu. 


We stopped for a mechanical on a remote backcountry road. Minutes later, down from the hills, we were accompanied by these two local artisans. 


San Pedro Lodge. Loved this place!  


Puppy love <3. 


Camping above the clouds in Manu National Park. The sunrise was well worth the effort. 


This little guy may have been the culprit of empty energy bar wrappers found in James' room!  


Marcus and Zita still smiling after a leg burning descent into the jungle bordering the Amazon. 


Well deserved grub! 


Lead Guide, Wayo, and I before jumping in the boat. 


I savoured every last drop (a.k.a. I chugged it). Inca Kola, put it on your Peru bucket list.  


A retired river boat. 


Jaguar paw print found on one of our hikes. It was fresh! 


Kathleen and James on the final leg of the big descent. 


All in a days work. 



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