La Ruta de Maya, Guatamala tour - ABBREVIATED

April 9th, 2020

Guatemala is a special place. Antigua, a small city in the south where we begin our tour is beautiful with kind and genuine locals and some of the best coffee I've had. Lucky for me, mountain biking is the very best way to experience this volcano-surrounded area. Over the last year Sacred Rides did a major overhaul to our Ruta de Maya ride, a tour we have been running for about 15 years. While it’s been updated over time, it was due for a deep refresh. 

Sunrise in Antigua Guatemala

 Our Guatemalan guides found some fantastic new modern routes that intertwine the country's rich cultural history with must-visit hotels and restaurants. We have been seriously stoked about the new itinerary and I was so excited to test it out in March! Unfortunately COVID-19 struck and the tipping point for international travel happened the very first evening of our spring departure. We had built all our bikes and discussed our plans for the week at dinner, then airlines, borders and W.H.O. all changed their stance and we had to move fast to get to the airport or have a very long vacation in Guatemala.


 The week leading up to the tour was spent reviewing the Ride ahead and “sampling the goods” with Mateo and Wily, the Sacred Rides local guides. We also explored ideas for new itineraries in the region. The work Mateo and team did to polish off our new itinerary was amazing. Our excitement to share it with the Riders could only be described as STOKE!


  Since the Ride didn’t quite roll out as planned, we will have to wait until our fall departure to review the full new itinerary, but I did manage to snag some photos that I'd like to share to give you a little taste of what the first two days of the Ride look like.


locals celegrating Sacred Rides La Ruta de Maya

Classic Arch shot in Antigua with bubbles

antigua guatemala

Antigua Guatemala street performance

Mayan Guatemala Marimba

ornate wood door

mayan street merchant anitgua arch guatemala

beer and mountain biking go hand in hand sacred rides

Our local guide Mateo pointing the way.  We were actually headed out for the local rider's "Thirsty Thursday" ride that ends at the Cervicia 14 Brewery followed by a trolly ride back to town. Wicked good beer, food, and anmosphere  . 

mountain bike time in Guatemala

If you love the puppies and the occasional small horse, pedaling though the villages  is the way to do it. 

mtb sacred rides dodging horses and puppies

Who doesn't love the shuttle drivers!

shuttle time on sacred rides mountain bike tour

Local guide Wily can  ride!  Great posture on the bike.

Antigua mountain bike guatemala with sacred rides la ruta de maya

Sacred Rides local guide mountain bike tour

The shuttle at El Zur up the  Agua Volcano is rough. We used a small fleet of old Toyota 4x4s and 1 Nissan. 

shuttle time in 4x4 for sacred rides mountain bike tour

mtb shuttle el zur mountain bike sacred rides

Nissan didn't make it. 4 of us pushed the last 2km.

hard driving shuttle truck el zur sacred rides

mtb sacred rides guatemala

The bamboo leaves in the jungle effectivly give you an extra inch of suspension and ride pretty slick in the corners. 

time to shred mountain bikes tour travel

blur on vacation with sacred rides

jungle mountain bike adventure sacred rides

neon color mountain bike gear on sacred rides tour

Some of the berms are perfect for high speed corners. Jason was railing! The view of the strangling fig trees and haleconias  is a nice perk.

mtb sacred rides mountain bike tour for vacation

Life is better on a mountain bike

Jungle riding on a mountain bike sacred ride tour

kona mountain bike sacred rides guatemala

mountain bike guiding with sacred rides

downhill enduro giant reign sacred rides mountain bike

giant mountain bikes with sacred rides tours

Descending to this view point was  long and wicked fun, but  pointing from here to a small speck a couple thousand feet below and knowing we will descend for the next 2 hours until we hit the bottom is bliss. 

mountain bike group adventure travel

Post ride story time at the pub

volacanos and beer after mountain bike tour club ride

happy mountain bike riders on sacred rides vacatoin

nice sacred rides gear

Cervecia 14 Brewery was so nice!Just opened a year ago, this brewery  would rival the best in Bend Oregon or Asheville North Carolina.  On the patio is live music, food trucks, kids running all over the place and they have plans to have a dirt jump track to boot!

beer and mountain biking go hand in hand on sacred rides vacation

mtb guatemala with a rocky mountian bike

bicycle adventures and sacred rides mountain bike tours