7 Ways to 'Sell' a Mountain Bike Trip to Your Significant Other

how to convince your spouse to let you go on a mountain bike trip
August 23rd, 2013

If you're a mountain biker of a certain vintage, it's probably not as easy to just take off somewhere with your bike as it used to be: there are other people to bring into the decision-making process when considering/planning a mountain bike trip - people like your spouse, your kids, etc...


So if you find yourself in a situation where you have to get consent from a significant other for your mountain bike wanderings, here are a few suggested strategies:


1) "Honey, it will make me a much happier - and hence much better - husband/wife/father/mother."

2) "I'll be in such good shape after a week of mountain biking that I'll have way more energy to help around the house."

3) "I NEED to go on a mountain bike trip. It's burning a chainring-sized hole in my heart."

4) "Please. Please. Please. Can I go? Can I? Can I?" (repeat daily until he/she relents)

5) "Let me go on this mountain bike trip and you can go on that ______ trip you've always wanted to go on." (a classic and time-tested strategy)

6) Get your partner hooked on mountain biking and bring him/her with you. This strategy has the highest longterm odds of ensuring lots of mountain bike trips are in your future. Send them on a skills camp to start!

7) Stash a suitcase somewhere, then just say you're going to the store to get some milk. Then grab the suitcase, hop on your bike, and slip out the back door. (n.b.: this strategy is NOT recommended if you actually want to stay with your significant other. )


Have you used any of these strategies? Have any suggestions of your own? Let us know in the comments below!