The 10 Best Airlines To Fly With A Bike

A summary of the 10 best airlines in the world for flying with a mountain bike, along with bike fees and ratings
September 3rd, 2014


Remember that video United Breaks Guitars?


One of these days I'm going to make a similar video for cyclists. Airlines routinely disrepect us, charging exorbitant rates to bring a bike, tossing bike cases around indiscriminately, losing our bikes, etc...


Thankfully not all airlines are bad. We recently did a comprehensive review of airlines around the world and came up with a list of the top 10 airlines for traveling with a bike. 


For the full list and detailed descriptions, along with weight restrictions and Skytrax ratings, download our free Ultimate Guide to Mountain Bike Travel by using the form at right or clicking here.


The 10 Best Airlines For Flying With A Bike

1. Qatar Airways: Qatar Airlines is a great choice if you're flying to Asia from Europe or North America, and bikes are free to bring with you.


2. Frontier: Free for "Classic" or "Classic Plus" ticket holders. "Economy" ticket holders are charged the regular $75 bag fee. 


3. WestJet: $20-$23 for your bike if it's your 2nd piece of luggage. Bonus: their staff is funny.


4. Air New Zealand: Excess baggage fees vary depending on where your flight begins and ends (Canada and US = $150). 



5. LAN: Bikes are free if within weight and size restrictions. LAN flies all over South America and has several North American hubs. 


6. Singapore Airlines: Consistently rated one of the world's best airlines, and no charge for bikes (but they count towards baggage limit)


7. Thai Airways: Bikes are free if within weight restrictions - counts as one checked piece of luggage. Thai Airways flies all over Asia, as well as many airports in Europe and Los Angeles in the USA.


8. Air Canada: $50 each way for bikes, and Air Canada flies all over the world from most major airports in Canada.


9. Virgin America: $50 to bring bikes as checked baggage, but you may run into Richard Branson on your flight. 


10. Alaska Air: Bikes are free when packed in a proper bike bag (not a box), and under the 62inch/50lbs size and weight requirements. 


please note: this information is current as of September 2014. Airline policies have a tendency to change without warning, so be sure to check details before you book your flight. If you’ve experienced bike-unfriendliness or lackluster service from any of the following airlines, please let us know in the comments below.