For Women

13 Quirks of Female Mountain Bikers

April 16, 2019

I’m hop­ing there are a few moun­tain bike ladies out there that can relate to the fol­low­ing thir­teen quirks. We’re an eclec­tic bunch of women who don’t mind mud on our face and bruis­es on our shins. 

What oth­er quirks can you think of?  Let us know in the com­ments below!

1. You don’t mind mud on your face and chain grease on your hands.

2. Wear­ing shorts or a sum­mer dress means the bruis­es and scars on your legs will be a top­ic of conversation.

3. You feel most com­fort­able wear­ing a truck­er hat and flip flops after a sum­mer ride.

4. You keep chain lube in your car.

5. You judge a man by the size of his…wheels.

6. You have a sup­port­ive crew of amaz­ing female riders.

7. You have impres­sive snot rock­et skills.

8. You secret­ly love rid­ing faster and stronger than your male counterparts.

9. You’re con­fi­dent and com­fort­able pee­ing in the woods.

10. You often let out a “Woo hoo!” or a “Yay!” while rid­ing your favorite rail.

11. If you’re sin­gle, you swipe right on men with moun­tain bike photos.

12. If you’re with a part­ner, you ride with them or tried your darnedest to share your pas­sion with them.

13. You depend on truck­er hats to hide your hel­met hair.